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Hunting tours to Belarus - the real virgin zone in Europe! All the hunters are welcome. Big game hunting. Capercailye, woodcock and waterfowl hunting.

Red stag hunting in Belarus. Golden medal trophies.

  Latin   Cervus elaphus elaphus
  August 20-September 30
  October 01-January 31
  hide, stalking, lure
  hide, stalking
 Hunting season open!
  antlers with skull, upper jaw and teeth   View trophies photos   trophies photos  
  3 days/4 nights   View hunting map   hunting map  

Hunting tour cost (€):

  Hunters   Package price (€)   Additional day
  1   900   200
  2   750   200
  3   690   200

The price includes:

  Belarusian hunting permit Included!
  transportation airport - hunting lodge and back Included!
  hunting accompanied by a huntsman Included!
  full board accommodation in hunter's lodge Included!
  transportation during hunting in the forestry Included!
  first preparation of your trophy - skull Included!
  packing of your big game trophy to be taken with you Included!

The price does not include:

  air ticket not included!
  beer and alcoholic drinks not included!
  tipp not included!
  everything not mentioned in the section "The price includes" not included!

Possible extra charges (€):

  importation permit for one gun and ammo   80
  rifle rent, per day   40
  ammo for rented rifle, per item   10
  English-speaking interpreter, per day   50
  Belarusian visa (if you come by car)   60
  the letter of invitation for your visa (per person)   25
  obligatory medical insurance (per person)   10
  wifi in the lodge if mobile network is available (per day)   5
  international veterinary certificate for your trophy   80
  packing of your trophy to be sent by cargo   100
  first preparation of your trophy - skin   250

Red deer trophy price:

  less than 5.00 kg   900
  5.00-7.99 kg   1500
  8.00-8.99 kg   2400
  9.00-9.99 kg   3000
  10 kg and more   3800+10 per each 10 g over 10 kg
  trophy male wounding   1100
  hind (shot/wounded)   800/400
  calf (shot/wounded)   400/250


Discounts for wolf hunting!
Wolf Discounts for wolf hunting!

Discounts for wolf hunting!

BelhuntService. Hunting in Belarus.

01/10/2023. Wolf hunting open.

01/10/2023. European bison hunting open.

16/09/2023. Geese hunting open.

02/09/2023. Partridges hunting open.

20/08/2023. Moose and red deer hunting open in Belarus.

12/08/2023. Black grouse, ducks and woodcock hunting is open.

08/07/2023. Snipes hunting open.

15/05/2023. Roe deer hunting open! Find out our great offers!

14/05/2023. Woodcock and waterfowl spring hunting is over. We are awaiting for the summer birds opening. Snipes with pointing dogs from July 08, black grouses, woodcocks and ducks from August 12!

10/05/2023. Capercailye and black grouse hunting is closed.

20/03/2023. Capercailye and black grouse hunting open!

18/03/2023. Woodcock hunting open!

11/03/2023 Ducks and geese hunting open!

31/01/2023. Red deer hunting closed.

31/12/2022. According to National hunting calendar moose and roe buck hunting is closed. Until 31 January you can shoot red deer.

11/12/20022 According to National hunting calendar small game hunting is closed. We are awaiting for the spring geese and ducks opening from March 11, capercailye and black grouse from March 20.

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