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Hunting tours to Belarus - the real virgin zone in Europe! All the hunters are welcome. Big game hunting. Capercailye, woodcock and waterfowl hunting.

You'd better not come here by car

You will have to face long queues to enter and leave Belarus, and if you bring own guns it will be really painful - prepare to stay locked for up to 4-5 hours for customs controls. We will send our representative to assist in customs formalities for firearms importation, to be met in Poland or Lithuania, you will have to assure a seat for him in your vehicle on both way.

And then, you will have to pay for the roads.

The official information about toll roads in Belarus can be found on the website of handling company - Beltoll.

First of all - don't try to pass on paid roads without paying - they will stop you, if not at the moment they will do it later, but they will. You will pay 100 Euro per each passed control point which are found every 10 km or even more frequently.

Now you can buy an electronic vignette - 18 Euro per 15 days, arranging it before arrival to Belarus

The vehicle's owner (or the person who imports it) should be the only one to drive it in Belarus, no other persons are allowed to do this.

Discounts for wolf hunting!
Wolf Discounts for wolf hunting!

Discounts for wolf hunting!

BelhuntService. Hunting in Belarus.

15/05/2024. Roe deer hunting open! Find out our great offers!

12/05/2024. Woodcock and waterfowl spring hunting is over. We are awaiting for the summer birds opening. Snipes with pointing dogs from July 08, black grouses, woodcocks and ducks from August 12!

10/05/2024. Capercailye and black grouse hunting is closed.

20/03/2024. Capercailye and black grouse hunting open!

16/03/2024. Woodcock hunting open!

09/03/2024 Ducks and geese hunting open!

09/02/2024. Wolf hunting open.

31/01/2024. European bison hunting open.

31/01/2024. Red deer hunting closed.

31/12/2023. According to National hunting calendar moose and roe buck hunting is closed. Until 31 January you can shoot red deer.

10/12/20023 According to National hunting calendar small game hunting is closed. We are awaiting for the spring geese and ducks opening from March 11, capercailye and black grouse from March 20.

16/09/2023. Geese hunting open.

02/09/2023. Partridges hunting open.

20/08/2023. Moose and red deer hunting open in Belarus.

12/08/2023. Black grouse, ducks and woodcock hunting is open.

08/07/2023. Snipes hunting open.

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